Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group remains committed to the optimal health and safety of our clinical providers (current and prospective), colleagues, patients, and community. Given the continued uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the COVID-19 disease, we have made the decision to temporarily postpone all active recruitment efforts as we continue to evaluate our future needs.

Management Model

Loma Linda University's Faculty Medical Group currently employs more than 800 physicians.

Providing expert management and administrative support via Loma Linda University Health System (LLUHS), the Faculty Medical Group makes it possible for physicians to develop successful group practices while upholding the high level of medical and educational quality at LLU and LLUMC. From family practice to internal medicine to general pediatrics, physicians of all specialties and subspecialties have found their place at LLU through this innovative and successful management model.

The Faculty Medical Group is responsible for drawing more than 40,000 patient office visits each month with 75% of these visits occurring in the Faculty Medical Offices located on the LLUAHSC campus on the corner of Barton Road and Anderson Street in Loma Linda. The balance of office visits occur in other clinic locations conveniently located near the LLUAHSC campus and throughout the surrounding communities. You may view a complete listing of the clinic locations used by LLU's faculty physicians.

Outpatient care is included in the Faculty Medical Group with LLUHS's community-based clinic network partnership with the Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center. Primary care and specialty physicians provide convenient, highquality health care for veterans in these outlying clinics.